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Bet this is worth Somethin
#1 Posted : Sunday, January 11, 2009 10:22:37 PM(UTC)
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Interesting, tho not for me, but bet this is worth something; am I wrong? It's fine if I am, this is how we LEARN. It doesn't resemble any of Mr. O'Connell's examples posted in his Luri section tho. The Luris were very interesting historically-politically. Boy, this stuff is DENSE.


Maybe someone might be interested; bet this goes for not a lot.

Found a LINK via Bob O'Connell, I came upon this:

I think the one on ebay, above, is more interesting if it really is a Luri.
Another edit:

Just noticed something interesting re this vendor with the (probably) Luri: at least two clients appear to be dealers......dozens of purchases each. I find this interesting, maybe significant, and possibly corroborative of my initial take on this strange rug I doubt has much conventional market appeal to the average (normal?) consumer.

I hope someone sees this and offers some data.

I am so grateful that hand knotted Persian rugs were not a part of the SATs. lol
WAIT!!!!! I just went back---info and chasing it is infinite---and saw clearly, that the HIGH BIDDER on this odd and interesting rug....is, you BET, one of the apparent dealers who has made dozens of purchases frm this vendor, all no reserve rugs, some for literally almost nothing!!!!

Recently, ebay began to obfuscate the identity of bidders during an auction. But common.....this was easy to nail just by the bidder's number of feedbacks: 171; they matched one of the "dealer" guy customers, and he offers nothing to sell on ebay. Like Jilly, he only buys. IN HIS CASE, probably all RUGS. Yes, CHECKED FURTHER: just in the last 30 days, 78% of his bids have been with THIS VENDOR.

I think this guy is cleaning up. I DO!

I might bid.....hopefully, someone will share some info before I do something more stupid than usual. I need to get a little reckless and make a practice rug purchase. I did email the vendor just now and asked age and KPSI. I had notihng to loose, right?

Where is the rehab for wut I got now???????? lol Too bad I don drink. It is 5AM; I need HKRA: Hand knotted Rugs Anonymous. Someone pls paste a link.

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#2 Posted : Monday, January 12, 2009 12:43:12 AM(UTC)
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Came upon this FORMIDABLY academic, hopefully not cavalier dissing, so I guess it is garbage, the odd Luri......& of NO MERIT:

In 1953, Cecil Edwards published his important book, The Persian Carpet (1). Edwards may well be single-handedly responsible for the modern assessment of Luri rugs. In discussing the rugs of the Fars region, he breaks down the output of rugs from this area as 15% Qashqai, 40% Khamseh, 44% Village Persian and 1% Luri

Of the Fars Mamassani and Hulagu Lurs he points out that they are mostly settled. “The output of these two tribes is insignificant.” “During my stay in Shiraz in 1948 I came across only two pieces – neither of which was of any particular merit.”

And as for the Northern Lurs, “The few rugs produced by the Kuhgalu and other Luri tribes which occupy the valleys southwest of Isfahan are hardly worthy of notice. The ouptut of the Lurs was never large, and it has dwindled to nearly nothing…as one of the tribal weaves of Persia, the Luri rugs are no longer of any importance.”

On the other hand, Cecil was from back in the Day. Was/is he a true pundit or an elitist??? (DEFINE "merit" Cecil. It sure ain't Marc Jacobs or Karl Lagerfeld. Or Jaguars made by Ford.) On the first hand, my hand, I still think it's cute and interesting even if the border neither really frames nor balances the rug.

This is too confusing, OK?
#3 Posted : Monday, January 12, 2009 1:10:52 AM(UTC)
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OK......U gotta keep going. Never stop at Cecil.

I think this Kurdish-related, Luri tribe is interesting. Wondrously indigenous. Primitive ain't bad, OK? Anti-Aubusson. Anti a la mode.

And tell me the below does not have MERIT! It has uber merit!

And regard the not regimented, asymmetrical diamond medallions! I Love THIS! Ignorance.....can be very liberating.



OK, soon I am going to stop this, but not right this minute.
I am sure the above, truly antique, 19th C. Luri is pretty in ways I will not understand in this life. but I can tell the expert is just that. More important, I see his reference re many Luri borders being basically MOOT. Kinda NON BORDER borders.

I am in sleepless lunatic phase, now plan to call Canada vendor tomorrow......cause I can not wait for email response, ask the age and true condition of the not au courant, strange Luri, and bid on it against the dealer-bidder. It is not conventionally pretty.....the square footage of red alone tho it is not blue red... could make U nauseous......but a practice rug buy should be a little psychotic.
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