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Persian rugs found in Colombia
Mipsy Offline
#1 Posted : Monday, March 24, 2008 6:17:44 PM(UTC)
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Hello there.

I was recently on vacation in Colombia which was quite a trip. (As a side note, despite what they say, it's safe and comfortable, at least in the nice areas.) I attended a wedding at the "Gun Club" which is one of the aristocratic private clubs in Bogota. There were a few beautiful pieces on the floor. Unfortunately there was nobody to talk to about them. I don't really know what they are and was hoping to get more info. Sorry I didn't get too many good photos, just a few wide angels. Would be interested in any info, and also if there are good places to find rugs like this for myself...

After posting, it seems that some don't show up in the window, but I guess you can click through. These are all quite large...the last one with the flowers on the table is the biggest, maybe 12x20 (the parkay tile groups are about 1 sq foot each) that is the only one I got the back of...the confetti in the pictures is about .5 inch wide, and that's my foot holding it back to give you a sense of size. I would estimate about 12x12 kpsi but hard to tell exactly.

That piece of furniture on the other one is a piano, so it is also quite large. The one with no furniture is the smallest...maybe 8x10?

All very beautiful.

Mipsy attached the following image(s):

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#2 Posted : Monday, March 24, 2008 8:20:01 PM(UTC)
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Hello and welcome.

I don't believe any of the rugs shown are particularly old, but they certainly are in very nice condition, and are also great design.

The 12x20 is a beautiful carpet. I cannot tell you exact age, however I would guess 25 years old from Iran, however could even be from India? I would say Iran over India because the white skirt, or kilim on the fringe appears to be woven tighter than that of which one would find in an Indian carpet. The fringe appears to be cotton, and pile appears to be wool. I think the KPSI is every bit of that 12x12, maybe even more. The rug is probably a Tabriz/Herati from Northwest Persia. This is also sometimes termed a Mahi design which means "fish". If you are looking for this type of carpet online, I would go for these key terms "Mahi" "Tabriz", "Herati Design". The rug does appear to be of a finer quality, and certainly is very handsome. I've always liked this design. Especially nice about this particular piece is the delicate care of design execution when it came to the samovars in the border. Very nice. You may want to consider a "bidjar" design as well, although when they have the mahi allover pattern they sometimes have medallions... For a nicer quality piece, like this, expect to spend somewhere between $55-85 per square foot in new condition.

The next rug under a piano which is red looks like a Hosseinabad. Nice design, but most likely a looser weave than the Tabriz in terms of handle and KPSI. Another search option would be "Abadeh" carpets, which are similar to this rug in regards to the highly geometric stepped spandrels in each corner of the field of the rug, however tend to have less of this repeat Herati-type field. Abadeh rugs will also often feature geometric interpretations of cypress trees running vertically in the field on opposite sides of the medallion. Search terms for this rug would be "Hamadan", "Hosseinabad", "Abadeh" with your best bet being the latter two. Be wary when using these search terms, if the price seems too good, it probably is. I'm not saying it is the case for the carpet photographed, but many of these types of carpets are now being imported by massive outlets such as Sams, BJ's, Costco, etc... Some of these newer vintage within the last dozen years or so look great, but are quite disposible in terms of quality/value. For a nice quality piece, expect to pay somewhere in the vicinity of $20-30 a square foot, even more for an older rug in new condition.

The last carpet as photographed looks like a "Jaipur" rug. These are imported from India and come in many different qualities usually made in square knots from 6/6 to 11/11 or sometimes even more. That means 6 knots horizontal, 6 knots vertical making 36 KPSI and so on. Not all Jaipurs are of this square knot, but many are. Key terms on something like this I would say, "Jaipur" would be your best bet. For a nice quality piece, expect to spend somewhere in the $20-35 square foot range in new condition around 100 KPSI.

Nice pieces, thanks for the posting!
cloudband attached the following image(s):
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#3 Posted : Tuesday, March 25, 2008 4:40:39 PM(UTC)
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Hello Everyone,

I noticed the rugs from Colombia and thought to give my $.02!

The first rug is most definitely a contemporary production "Jaipur" India made rug as characterized by the larger scale palmette motifs and general look of the design.

Img 411 and 413 show a lovely Persian "Tabriz" design, most likely made in INDIA. The rug is of good quality, but doesn't quite look like a real Tabriz weave on the back. Also the warp used in Tabriz is thicker - not so stringy - as that used on this rug. The price of an Indian rug of this type would probably be a bit less than the low estimate "Cloudband" suggested.

Re Img 412, this also looks to me like an "Indo-Bidjar" design. "Cloudband's" Hosseinabad thought might be correct if the rug is from Iran - there were many of these medium quality red Hosseinabad types in Bidjar-Herati designs coming to the US years ago - just like the photo "Cloudband" posted. Somehow this one looks Indian especially by virtue of the minor (guard) border designs.

Abadeh is pie-in-the-sky, Cloudband!
Whatever you were smoking must have been great!


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#4 Posted : Tuesday, March 25, 2008 6:43:12 PM(UTC)
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Thanks folks! very interesting and informative.
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